Ayurvedic Wellness at Adiwana Resort Jembawan has been inspired by the holistic teachings of Ayurveda, which is the world’s oldest healing system originating in India. This timeless concept is evident in the spa’s therapeutic menu where great emphasis is placed on balancing all areas of life and helping the body call upon its energy to heal. The treatments are personalized by identifying an individual’s Dosha which denotes one’s constitution, whether it is Vatta, Pitta or Kapha or a combination of these. The system of Ayurvedic massage focuses on “opening “ the knotted nerves or blockages in one’s body to refresh, enliven, and energize the body, using a selection of specially prepared Ayurvedic massage oil.

Awaken Ayurvedic Retreat For 3, 5, 7 Nights
The programs incorporate various balance of Ayurvedic Therapy for healing result in comprehensive balance of mind, body and soul.
Ayurvedic Pampering 2 Nights
Short wellness program to those looking for that perfect Ayurvedic wellness escape.
Ayurvedic Relaxation 3 Nights
Release the knots and muscles tension, slow down the palpitations and feel the still state of the mind and soul.
Ayurvedic Rejuvenation 5 Nights
The programs results in improved immunity and energy,better metabolism and refreshed skin through Ayurveda treatments.
Ayurvedic Detoxification 7 Nights
The programs focus on balancing macro and micro nutrients.
Ayurvedic Stress Relief 7 Or 13 Nights
Focused on a healthy lifestyle which aims at minimizing stress, creating positive changes and promoting synergy in your life.
Ayurvedic Slimming 7 Or 13 Nights
Weight management provides a scientific methodology with guidelines for managing weight on a sustained basis.
Ayurvedic Health 13 Nights
Designed with your individual needs in mind, to help you reconnect, reflect on overall well-being.
Ayurvedic Wellness 21 Nights
Refresh, enliven, and energize the body, using a selection of specially prepared Ayurvedic massage oil.
Experience the wellness at Adiwana Resort Jembawan with more participants to refresh, enliven, and energize your mind, body and soul. For more information and reservation please contact our team.

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